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Philosophical reading in memory of Ivan Boychenko

Taras Shevchenko national university of Kiev

The Faculty of Philosophy

G.S. Skovoroda Institute of philosophy of NAS of Ukraine

Center of humanitarian education of NAS of Ukraine


on October, 22, 2021

“Philosophical reading in memory of Ivan Boichenko




The subject of conference includes such basic directions:

1. Human being as a monad and a microcosm.

2. Independence as a moral and social virtue.

3. Political independence and state sovereignty.

4. Independence of the social community: imaginary and real.

5. Academic autonomy and independence of scientific research.

6. Autonomy of social systems: economic, political, legal, etc.

For plugging in the program of Reading it is necessary up to October, 1, 2021 to send a request (name (+patronymic), last name, job, address, position, contact phone number, e-mail, theses). 

As a result of Reading the best reports will be published by the means of organizers in the magazine for scientific articles, specialized in philosophy.

The young researchers’ scientific articles competition is declared on the subject of philosophical inheritance of Ivan Boichenko (the terms of competition are applied). 

An address is for all appeals:                Contact phones:

Faculty of Philosophy                               department of theoretical and practical

Taras Shevchenko                                    philosophy –

national university of Kiev                        044-239-34-57;

Volodymyrska street, 60                           

Kyiv                                                          Mykhailo Boichenko

01033                                                        050-358-39-44

or e-mail:




Organizational committee