Petro Oleshchuk

Doctor of Political Science, Associate Professor
Associate Professor of Political Science Department



Tel. 044 239-34-14

Petro Oleshchuk researches problems of political technologies, information technology in politics, public relations, political symbols, practical political science, etc.


Petro Oleshchuk takes part in domestic projects: scientific theme of the Faculty of Philosophy No.19BF041-01 "Philosophy and socio-political research in Soviet Ukraine of the second half of the XX century" (2019-2021).


He has information and computer technologies at a sufficient level.


Teaches courses:

"Public Relationships in Political Areas", EPP "Political science" Master’s degree program

"Internet technologies in politics", EPP "Political science" Master’s degree program

"Political technologies", EPP "Political science" Master’s degree program

"Political Semiotics", OSL "Political science" for the third scientific educational level


Petro Oleshchuk has more than 60 scientific and teaching publications (1 monograph, 2 tutorials).