Volodymyr Fedorchenko


PhD in Philosophy, Political Science,

Assosiate Professor

ORSID id https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3864-9660


Department phone: 044 239-34-14

Volodymyr Fedorchenko researches the problems of formation, functioning and transformation of political ideologies, ideological and political discourse, convergence of socio-political doctrines, political values, development of non-classical political ideologies, problems of transformation of political regimes, democracy and democratization, functioning of political parties and party systems, the evolution of political ideas. in the history of political teachings. The problems of the theory of management and public administration, public administration, public policies and local self-government also explores.

Teaches author's courses:

- “Political ideologies”;

- “Non-classical political ideologies;”

- “Public administration and administration”;

- “Political science” (Master’s and Bachelor’s degree program)

Volodymyr Fedorchenko has mor than 70 scientific and teaching publications