Olena Predko

(2.01.1958, Chapaevka, Cherkasky region)

Doctor of philosophical Sciences, Professor

The Department of Religious Studies: room 309, phone 239-33-34
e-mail: religia@ukr.net

Graduated from the Philosophical Faculty of Taras ShevchenkoNational University of Kyiv (1980).PhD thesis “Social and philosophical analysis of formation of measure” (1987). Doctoral thesis “The psychology of religion: the formation and establishment of religious paradigm” (2006).

Scientific interests:psychology of religion, contemporary religious philosophy, formation and development of the national religion of thought.



  • “Psychology of Religion”
  • “Contemporary religious philosophy”
  • “National religious thought”
  • “History of national and foreign religious studies”
  • “Philosophy of Patristic”
  • “Philosophy of Religion”
  • “Religious studies” 


Professional activities:

1980-1982 – Teaching assistant of Philosophy department Kirovograd Institute of Agricultural Engineering; 1982 -1985 – Post-graduate student of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv; 1986 -1995 – Lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor of philosophy and political economy department Nizhyn Order of Labor Red Banner State Pedagogical Institute named after M. V. Gogol; 1995-1999 – Associate professor of sociology department Medical Institute of Ukrainian Association of Folk Medicine; 1999 – Associate Professor of Religious Studies, since 2007 – Professor of religious studies of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Public activity: Member of the Specialized Scientific Council D 26.001.43, member of the specialized scientific council D 26.001.17, Head of the Kyiv section of Ukrainian Association of Researchers of Religion.