History of philosophy department

History of Philosophy Department as one of the first departments of the Philosophical Faculty of St. Volodymyr’s University, established in 1834, was included in the Philosophical Faculty of University of Kyiv, which was revived in 1944. The organizer and first Department Chairman was well-known philosophy historian Professor M.S. Shliepakov (1945-1968), Dean of Philosophy Faculty (1947 - 1949). Professor M.S. Shliepakov was a talented expositor of foreign philosophy. Giving the course "Criticism of Modern Bourgeois Philosophy", he, in fact, under the guise of criticism revealed the true meaning of philosophical concepts of A. Bergson, J.-P. Sartre, B. Russell, E. Cassirer and many other thinkers.

Establishment of Ukraine's first History of Philosophy Department has given impetus to historical and philosophical studies of both domestic and foreign philosophical thought. The first lecturers of the department - Professor A.A. Avetisian, Associate Professor I.S. Larionov, A.O. Pashkova, M.I. Tretiak and others. Later, alumni of Philosophy Faculty: V.I. Shynkaruk, I.V Bychko, M.A. Bulatov, V.S Dmytrychenko, P.A. Zahorodniuk, Y.K. Saveliev, A.I. Savchenko, M.I. Sundyrieva, P.P. Oksiukovskyi join the Department.

From 1969 to 1975 the department is chaired by the corresponding member of USSR Academy of Sciences, Professor D.Kh. Ostrianyn – well-known researcher of history of philosophy of Ukraine, Russia, history of philosophical issues of natural science. Based on a thorough analysis of the works of domestic and Russian naturalists, archival documents, Professor D.Kh. Ostrianyn started a broad overview of the formation of a scientific worldview in the Ukrainian and Russian natural science circles. Generalizing the specific historical material, he gave the analysis of the philosophical worldview of many domestic naturalists, revealing the nature of philosophical thinking. This is reflected in the such scholar’s works as "Ideology of I.I. Mechnikov" (Kharkiv, 1948), "Struggle for Materialistic Ideas in the National Biology in the First Half of the XIX century" (K., 1952), "I.I. Mechnikov in Struggle for Materialism in Natural Science" (K., 1954),"Ideology of M.O. Maksymovych" (K., 1960), "Struggle for Materialism and Dialectics in Domestic Natural Science (second half of XIX - early XX century.)" (K., 1984), "Materialism and Dialectics in Domestic Natural Science (late XVIII - first half of ХІХ century)" (K., 1984).

Introduction to the first full academic two-volume publication of works by Hruhoriy Skovoroda (K., 1961) is also attributable to him.

In 1975-1979, 1981-1984 the department was chaired by prominent Ukrainian philosopher, Professor, holder of the honorary title "Honorary Professor of National University of Kyiv" I.V. Bychko, whose works on the history of philosophy are widely known in Ukraine and abroad. During this period, the issues of human being and freedom in the history of philosophy, interrelation of domestic and foreign philosophy were developed under his leadership. One of the key activities of the department led by Professor I.V. Bychko was the development of existential-anthropological considerations in the context of the transformation of historic-philosophical knowledge and approval of new types of philosophy, with issues of freedom and human dimension of existence in focus. Thus, particular emphasis was laid on the study of existential dimensions of the cognitive process.

Having brought the issue of freedom inspired by the world achievements of existentialism philosophy, Professor I.V. Bychko created a new and original vision, which reflecting the peculiarities of very Ukrainian philosophy, reached a level of global philosophical discourse. At the same time, special attention was paid to the revival of ideas of baroque-cordocentral traditions of Ukrainian philosophy, rooted in the so-called "philosophy of heart", significant figures of which, according to the concept of Professor I.V. Bychko, are Ukrainian polemicists (primarily I. Vyshenskyi), H. Skovoroda and M. Gogol, whose works were based on the existential-humanistic traditions of Ukrainian culture. Such scholar’s works as "On Crossroads of Philosophy" (K., 1962), "Cognition and Freedom" (Moscow, 1969, foreign translations: Prague, 1972, Montevideo, 1973), "In Maze of Freedom" (Moscow, 1976, foreign translation: Mexico City, 1979), "Philosophy. Course of Lectures" (K., 1991 (republished in 1993, 1994) and many others, has become the milestone events of the philosophical life in Ukraine and started a new stage in the development of history of philosophy (including such its component as Ukrainian philosophy) in Ukraine and abroad.

In 1979-1981 the department was chaired by Professor V.S. Dmytrychenko, who belonged to a generation of philosophers-Sixtiers. He focused his research interests on the study of the scientific preconditions of historical role of revolutionary democrats, revolutionary democracy and utopian socialism in Ukraine ("Socialist Thought in Ukraine in 70’s - early 80’s of ХІХ century". K., 1974). Professor V.S. Dmytrychenko discovered a number of "gaps" in the history of domestic public opinion, nature of the formation of social democratic parties, and his progressive views did not fit the "Procrustean bed" of then existing communist ideology.

In early 80’s of the XX century, there is a new trend in historic-philosophical studies – the history of historic-philosophical studies, which were focused in the history of philosophy department, led in 1984-1994 by disciple of Academician V.I. Shynkaruk, Professor Y. Kushakov. This research area was distinguished by its fruitfulness both for further development of theoretical and methodological problems of historical and philosophical science, and incompleteness of contemporary Marxist research in this field. The area starts from the theory of Y.V. Kushakov "Historical and Philosophical Concept of L. Feuerbach. Theory, Methodology, Specific Results". In the monograph and doctoral thesis Y.V. Kushakov was the first in the Marxist literature to perform summarizing systematic analysis of historical and philosophical doctrines of L. Feuerbach, and revealed its significance for solving topical issues of historical and philosophical science. The existing gap was filled in, and it is proved that L. Feuerbach has quite advanced, although not always explicated by himself theory of historical and philosophical process and thoroughly developed methodology of historical and philosophical studies, which in many features are not only as good as Hegel’s, but excel them.

As a recognized authority among Ukrainian researchers of the history of German Idealizm, in "Essays on the history of German Idealizm of Modern Times" (K., 2006) Professor Y.V. Kushakov focuses primarily on those ideas that are relevant today: Leibniz’s idea of a comprehensive philosophy, Kant’s philosophy of law and philosophy of religion, Fichte’s ethics of "purpose", Schelling’s philosophy of nature and aesthetic dialectic, Feuerbach’s doctrine of "removal" in the historical and philosophical process and dialogical nature of philosophical truth. The author also reveals the lessons of great errors made my German philosophers: Wolf’s metaphysical method, Hegel’s use of dialectic, Hegel and Marx’s personalism. Particular emphasis is placed by the researcher on inner unity of philosopher’s personality and doctrine created by him. Professor Y.V. Kushakov overcomes many old orthodox Marxist stereotypes in the evaluation of individual ideas of German philosophers and their doctrines in general. Under his editing, revision and clarification the first Ukrainian translation (no Russian translations available) V. Dilthey "History of Young Hegel" (K., 2008), as the first thorough presentation of the formation and early development of Hegelian philosophy, as well as the translation of "Hegelianism Revival"- the famous academic speech by the head of Baden neo-Kantianism school, a distinguished historian of philosophy W. Windelband that showed birth of German Hegelianism, were published.

At this time the Department of History of Philosophy employed associate Professors A.P. Andreus, V.I. Husiev, L.H. Konotop, V.F Muzychenko, A.H. Tykholaz, M.L. Tkachuk, A.I. Trubenko, senior lecturer V. M. Kuplin and others.

In 1994, the Department of History of Philosophy merged with the Department of Philosophy.

History of Philosophy department was restored in 1998, led by Professor, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine V.I. Yaroshovets. The Department established a scientific school of "Methodology of Historical and Philosophical Research" (Head - Professor V.I. Yaroshovets), which developed and introduced the concept of paradigmatic nature of history of philosophy. Today the scientific school developed issues of the methodology of history of philosophy, interrelation of philosophy and history of philosophy, to solve which the concept of paradigmatic nature of understanding and teaching of the historical and philosophical process was suggested.

In the context of historical and philosophical studies, concept of paradigm justified in some program works by Professor V.I. Yaroshovets is interpreted primarily as a basis for identifying the general in the unique, and at the same time as the communicative medium of the author, as set of non-problematic apparencies, implicitly represented in his works. Thus the sense of paradigmatic approach is in identifying philosophical thought of dominant paradigms in the past, which changing one another form a holistic process - the history of philosophy. Loss of dominant position by one or another paradigm is not the result of its irrevocable denial. Temporal boundary between the different paradigms is conditional, with their sequence rather than the time of "end or beginning" being crucial. A separate group of philosophical ideas is represented by one of the most recent - postmodern - philosophical direction, paradigmatic characteristic of which needs further development. Only in the final stage of each of the paradigms of philosophical knowledge it becomes possible to make a general conclusion on the uniqueness of the philosophical content of various historical stages (paradigms).

Activities of the Department were also marked by the development of new concept and methodology of the history of philosophy and definition of conceptual basis of historical and philosophical education in higher educational establishments of Ukraine.

Currently, History of Philosophy Department teaches standard disciplines of history of philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy and other humanities departments. 10 Doctor and 40 Candidate degree theses were defended since the Department restoration.

Writing team of History of Philosophy Department was the first in Ukraine to publish the textbook "History of Philosophy" (K., 2002, under the editorship of Professor V.I. Yaroshovets) and unique dictionary "History of Philosophy" (K., 2005), which introduced a new paradigmatic approach to teaching the history of philosophy, which for the first time enabled to clearly distinguish the specific historical and philosophical era, and provide their holistic view presenting the life and works of philosophers, characteristics of their main works, the definition and interpretation of the meaning of philosophical concepts and terms, the disclosure of peculiarities of some directions, currents and concepts typical of a certain period.

The following textbooks and manuals were published: History of Philosophy: Textbook: In two volumes/ed. by V.I. Yaroshovets.–V.1.– К., 2007; V.2. – К., 2008; History of Philosophy: syllabus/ed. by V.I. Yaroshovets. – К., 2008; History of Philosophy: Textbook/ed. by V.I. Yaroshovets. – Kyiv-Uzhgorod, 2010; History of Philosophy: Textbook/ed. by V.I. Yaroshovets. – К., 2010.

To ensure an adequate level of teaching of historical and philosophical subjects the following textbooks were prepared and published: "Philosophy of the Middle Ages and Renaissance" – Professor O.V. Alexandrova (K., 2002), "German Philosophy of Modern Times: the Enlightenment, Kant and Criticism Reception" (K., 2012) – Professor D.Y Prokopov, "History of Philosophy" (K., 2005) – Professor V.I. Yaroshovets, "History of Philosophy: from Structuralism to Postmodernism" (K., 2008) – Professor V.I. Yaroshovets. Articles of the Department lecturers are regularly published in national and international professional journals.

Department of History of Philosophy cooperates with leading scholars of the department of History of Foreign Philosophy of H.S. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Department staff participated in writing the "Encyclopedic Dictionary of Philosophy", under the editorship of Academician V.I. Shynkaruk (K., 2002). On the initiative of Dean of Philosophy Faculty Professor A.E. Konversky and head of the Department of History of Philosophy Professor V.I. Yaroshovets, in December 2004, international scientific conference dedicated to the 110-th anniversary of V.F. Asmus was jointly held with Philosophy Faculty of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, which laid the foundation for active cooperation with Russian colleagues at the level of faculties and relevant departments. Since 2001, three jubilee conferences dedicated to Professor I.V. Bychko has been held, involving representatives of the philosophical community of both Ukraine and abroad.

Currently, the Department of History of Philosophy maintains fruitful scientific connections with Dnipropetrovsk, Drohobych, Zhytomyr, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Chernivtsi and other universities. Department staff are engaged in active scientific cooperation with representatives of philosophical centers of Russia, Belarus, Germany and Poland. In particular, with the Philosophy Faculty of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, with researchers of the Institute of Philosophy of RAS and under the editorship of the journal "Issues of Philosophy" (Moscow).

Website of the department: http://hphd.kiev.ua/ 

In different periods of its history, History of Philosophy Department employed:

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor A.V. Avetisian;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor О.V. Aleksandrova;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor H.Y.Aliaiev;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor І.V.Bychko;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor М.О. Bulatov;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor V.S. Dmytrychenko;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor Y.V. Kushakov;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor V.F. Muzychenko;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor V.О. Ohneviuk;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor D. Kh. Ostrianyn;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor M.L. Tkachuk;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor М.S. Shliepakov;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor М.Z.Yushmanov;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor А.P. Andreus;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor N.М.Boboshko;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor V.І. Husiev;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor P.О. Zahorodnyuk;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor А.О. Pashkova;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor Y.К. Saveliev;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor М.І.Sundyrieva;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor А.H.Tykholaz;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor А.І. Trubenko;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Senior Lecturer V.М. Kuplin;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Senior Lecturer І.С.Larionova;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Senior Lecturer P.P. Oksiukovskyi;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Senior Lecturer А.І. Savchenko;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Assistant Professor L.S. Bodnarchuk;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Assistant Professor Y.I. Kupchik.

Senior Lecturer М.І Tretiak.


At present, History of Philosophy Department employs:

Head of the Department, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor Т.P. Konenko;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Professor V.А.Buhrov;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor О.І. Khoma;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor G.М.Ilina;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor H.V.Gnatovska;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor О.P. Varenytsia;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor М.S.Kyrychenko;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor Т.V.Trush;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor Y.A.Sobolievskyi;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor V.А.Tytarenko;