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International Contacts and International Cooperation

Philosophical Department actively cooperates with the prominent higher educational establishments and scientific institutions of Ukraine, CIS and Europe. The main directions of international cooperation are: common scientific and research activity, organization and holding of international scientific conferences, symposiums, seminars, round table discussions, and also formation of the common educational space, which provides exchange with scientific and methodological materials, lecturers and students, formation of the common professional standards of experts preparation with the purpose of increasing their competitiveness at the labour-market and saving unique national scientific and educational traditions.  

Philosophical Department takes part in the realization of different scientific and educational projects, grants and scientific researches. So, for example, in 2009 Philosophical Department got the grant for the realization of the scientific and educational project TEMPUS, the main task of which is a creation of the common scientific and educational environment, formation of the common European standards of higher education, increasing of humanities competitiveness at the modern labour-market.

An important constituent of the international cooperation is involving students of Philosophical Department to participation in the international scientific conferences, which take place abroad in the prominent universities and scientific institutions CIS and European countries.

From the first years of education students get an experience of international scientific cooperation, take study courses in the well-known universities, attend lectures of the prominent scientists in the spheres of philosophical and political sciences.

Since 2011 conducting of international schools on the ground of Philosophical Departments of  Mikhail Lomonosov Moscow State University, St.-Petersburg State University, Belorussian State University, Kant Russian State University was found at Philosophical Department. Academic groups of such international schools are formed out of students of Philosophical Department and mentioned above educational establishments, lectures and practical studies are conducted by the prominent lecturers of mentioned universities. In spring 2011 Spring Logic School and History and Philosophy School took place on the base of Philosophical Department.