Department of philosophy and methodology of science


The Philosophy and Methodology of Science Chair was formed in 1962 as a university-wide Chair of Philosophy for Natural Sciences Faculties. Later the Chair was included in the structure of PhilosophicalDepartment. In May 1992 the Chair got its present name “The Philosophy and Methodology of ScienceChair”.

The first Chairman of the Department (1962-1964) was Professor O.V.Shugailin; the range of his interests included philosophy of natural sciences, mathematical technique tools of theoretical physics and its philosophic significance, as well as history of formation of scientific world view. He turned out to be a convinced follower and propagator of the trends, available in that period of time with its drastic revision of principal content of fundamental theories of non-classical natural history from the point of view of authoritarian ideology (Against subjectivism of the so-called relativity theory // Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, 1953, No1; “The Struggle of materialism with idealism in quantum mechanics”. – Kyiv, 1963). Later O.V. Shugailin moved to Russia and was the Professor of Rostov Institute of the Engineers of Railway Transport, where he published one of his last woks – “The Problem of Verity in Dialectical and Formal Logic” (Rostov-on-Don, 1987).

In 1964-1997 the Department was headed by Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of High Education of Ukraine, honored worker of culture of Ukraine, the first woman- Doctor habilitate of Philosophy in Ukraine N.T. Kostyuk.  Under her guidance 2 doctorate and 20 candidate theses were defended by the researches from Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Mongolia, and Vietnam. She was the author of 150 scientific and methodological works, in particular, the book “Space and Life” (Kyiv, 1964), individual monograph “The Problems of Life Essence. Experience of philosophic generalization of some aspects of Living Being Perception” (Kyiv, 1967), the co-author of more than 10 multi-author books, “Objective Stipulation and Dialectic of Integration of Modern Scientific Knowledge” (Kyiv, 1998), “Integration of Modern Scientific Knowledge: Methodological Analysis” (Kyiv, 1984). Together with the staff of the Chair N.T. Kostyuk researched the problems of philosophy and methodology of science, philosophy of natural sciences. In 1980 under the guidance of Professor N.T. Kostyuk journal “Philosophic Problems of Modern Natural Sciences” was founded and edited. She was the editor of 60 issues of the journal, where works of philosophers and scientists of natural sciences were published. Having worked in the university for about 40 years and got honorary degree of “Honored worker of culture of the USSR”, ”Honored worker of education of Ukraine”, medals “For honorable work”, “Veteran of work”, “On the occasion of 1500 years of Kyiv”, Professor N.T. Kostyuk continued working in active and creative way. She was a scholar of government grant “For the outstanding workers of education”, she has the rank of “Master of applied and decorative arts” for surprisingly beautiful embroidered pictures, and some of them decorate the reading-hall of Philosophical Faculty. Being retired, Ninel Kostyuk kept contacts with her pupils, who followed her 93 years old to her last way.

In 1987-1997 Professor T.D. Pikashova was in charge of the Chair. As a biologist by profession, her interests were related to philosophy of biology and problems of theoretical knowledge (“Biology as Theoretical System of Knowledge. – Kyiv, 1982; “The Solution of Problem of Theoretical Knowledge” – (Kyiv, 1986), to history of science and techniques (“The Foundations of History of Science and Technics / in co-authorship with L.O. Shashkova”. Kyiv, 1997). In these works she reveals certain historical eras of the development of scientific knowledge, evolution of educational processes and their content, change of place and assignment of science, its disciplinary structure in given phase of history. In 1992-1995 lecturers of the Chair participated in the international scientific program “Transformation of Education in the Humanities of Ukraine” (Professor T.D. Pikashova, Associate Professors L.O. Shashkova, Y.V.Dzhulay, V.L. Chuyko, V.A. Bugrov and A.I. Pypych).

These outstanding scientist both Academicians and Professors were among academic teaching staff of the Chair: Academician of the Academy of Sciences of high education of Ukraine N.T. Kostyuk; Professors V.S. Lutai, O.I. Kedrovskyi, L.A. Solovey, O.I. Yatsenko, V.F. Shevtsov, P.S. Dyshlevyi.

Nowadays the head of the Chair is Professor I.S. Dobronravova (since 1997), who researches philosophy and methodology of science (physics and synergetics), she was one of founders of learning the philosophic and methodological means of synergetics as one of the determinant trend of post-nonclassical science, which arises in the process of modern global scientific revolution. She is the author of monograph (“Synergetics: Formation of Nonlinearl Thinking”. - Kyiv, 1990), 100 articles and chapters in multi-author books. She is the President of Ukrainian synergetic society – national non-governmental organization, uniting the scientists and lecturer of high education institutions, who are interested in solution of problems of mankind development and modernization of Ukrainian society on principals of synergetic paradigm of self-organization -   new methodology of cognition and practice. She carries out scientific collaboration in the frame of international projects: project INTAS “Human Activity in Complex World” (2001-2003); Russian-Ukrainian projects “Post-noclassical Methodologies: History, Modernity, Prospects” (2005-2007); “Post-nonclassical Practical Aspects in Changeable World” (2008-2010). I.S. Dobronravova is awarded with the order of St. Olga of the third class (2009).

Such scientific trends are being developed and taught at the Chair: philosophy and methodology of science, philosophy of techniques; philosophic principles of post-nonclassical science; the newest philosophy of science; worldview and methodological concepts of modern natural science; ecology and foundations of life safety; ethics of science and bioethics; theory of scientific cognition, methodology of teaching of philosophy; philosophy (for bachelors of Natural Sciences Faculties). Such scientific schools work at the Chair: “Philosophical Principles of Synergetic Methodology of Interdisciplinary Researches” by Professor I.S. Dobronravova; “Analysis of Basic Foundations of Methodological systems” by Professor V.L. Chuyko; “Philosophy of Biology and Physics of the Alive” by Professor L.I. Sydorenko.

During all their history the leading scientists of the Chair have been successfully training the specialists of higher qualification. In general, 23 Doctors and 71 Candidates of Philosophical Sciences have been trained. Typically, all these Professors and assistant Professors, who work at the Chair nowadays, were trained here. Besides, many higher educational establishments of Ukraine have scientists, who were trained at this Chair, as heads of Chairs of philosophy. They are V.P. Lysyi (Lviv), V.G. Skotnyi (Drogobych), O.V. Tchaikovskyi (Odessa), V.M. Vandyshev (Sumy), I.Z. Tsekhmistro (Kharkiv), O.G. Shutov (Kyiv), O.V. Panfilov (Dnepropetrovsk).

The Chair maintains the scientific collaboration with such research establishments both in Ukraine and abroad as the Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Ukraine; the Institute of Higher Education of the academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine; the National Institute on Problems of International Security of the Council of National Security of Ukraine; Vinnitsa National Technical University, Drogobych Pedagogical University; Odessa State University named after Mechnikov, Odessa State Medical University, Sumy State Teachers Training University, Chernivtsi National University named after Yuri Fedkovich, Vienna Technical University.

         Over recent years the lecturers of the Chair have prepared such educational editions as “From Beginning to the middle of the XIXth Century: Brief Guide on History of Philosophy/ under the editorship of T. Pikashova and V. Chuyko” – Kyiv, 1997; L.I. Sydorenko “Modern ecology. Scientific, Ethic and Philosophical Angle” - Kyiv, 2002; “The Newest Western Philosophy of Science/ I.S. Dobronravova, T.M. Bilous, O.V. Komar”. - Kyiv, 2008; “Philosophy and Methodology of Science: manual/ I.S. Dobronravova, L.I.Sidorenko”. - Kyiv, 2008; “The Newest Philosophy of Science/ I.S. Dobronravova, T.M. Bilous, O.V. Komar”. - Kyiv, 2009; «Philossophy. Reader for bachelors in natural sciences and mathematics” In 2 volumes // O.V.Komar, A.A.Kravchuk,O.V.Rudenko, and others, ed. by prof. I.S.Dobronravova – K., 2010;  “Basis of Methodology and Organization of Scientific Researches. Textbook”, ed. by A.Y.Konversky – Kyiv, 2019; “Philosophy. Textbook for university students” group of authors, ed. by L.V.Gubersky – Harkiv, 2013; “Methodology and Organization of Scientific Researches. Textbook”, group of authors, ed. by I.S.Dobronravova, O.V.Rudenko  – Kyiv, 2018; “Philosophy of Science. Textbook for aspirants”, group of authors, ed. by I.S.Dobronravova.

According to the results of research work the lecturers of the Chair have published many scientific papers. They are scientific articles, which were edited in university, republic and international editions of near and far abroad countries. Professors of the Chair have in their scientific achievements such monographs which are famous beyond Ukraine: I.S. Dobronravova (“Synergetics: Formation of NonlinearThinking”. - Kyiv, 1990; L.I. Sydorenko “Philosophical Analysis of Prospects and Development of Biotechnical Researches”. - Kyiv, 1987; V.L. Chuyko “Reflections on Basic Foundations in the Methodology of Philosophy of Science”. - Kyiv, 2000; Dobronravova was editor of books “Science of Self-Organization and Self-Organization of Science”. – Kyiv, 2004; “Cultural Context of Social Self-Organization: collection of scientific works”. – Kyiv, 2006; V.L. Chuyko “Cognitivism as the Object of Cognitology”. Nizhyn, 2007; “Philosophical and Politological Education at the Intersection of Millennia”. – Kyiv 2007. 

Over the last few years professors of the Chair published chapters in such  collective monographs: Postnonclassical Practices: Expirience of Conceptualization – SPb: “Mir” – 2012 (Dobronravova, in Russian);   Philosophy of Thinking. Odessa, 2013 (Chuyko, Dobronravova, in Russian); Cognitive Technologies to Education. Sumy: 2018, (Dobronravova).  

The lecturers of the Chair constantly take part in scientific conferences in and beyond Ukraine. They have made more than 600 reports at different scientific forums. Section “Philosophy and Methodology of Science” works every year in frame of scientific conference “Days of Science” at Philosophical Department of our University and also the Round table the Chair organizes together with Ukrainian Synergetic Society to discuss the actual question of application of synergetic methodology to resolving of scientific and practical problems.

Website of the Chair: 

Following scientists worked at the Chair in different periods of history:

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor P.S. Dyshlevyi;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor N.T. Kostyuk;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor V.S. Lutai;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor T.D. Pikashova;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor L.A. Solovey;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor O.V. Shugailin;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor O.I. Yatsenko;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor V.D. Bilogub;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor M.P.Buzskyi;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor N.M. Kokhan;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor O.O. Lisitsina;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor V.I. Pustovoitov;

Nowadays following scientists work at the Philosophy and Methodology of Science Chair:

Chairman, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor I.S. Dobronravova;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor L.I. Sydorenko;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor V.L. Chuyko;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor T.M. Bilous;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor O.V. Komar;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor A.A. Kravchuk;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor Y.V. Pavlov;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor S.P. Petrushchenkov;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor A.I. Pypych;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor O.V. Rudenko;

Candidate of Philosophic Sciences,  Associate Professor Y.M.Chaika;

Candidate of Philosophic Sciences,  Associate Professor V.V. Zagorodnyuk