Theoretical and practical philosophy department


The Department of Theoretical and practical philosophy of Philosophical Faculty was formed after reorganization and reprofiling of the Departments of dialectical and historical materialism, which existed since 1973. During 1994-1998 it was names as ‘the Department of theory and history of philosophy”.  Following scientists worked at the Department: academicians  P.V. Kopnin and  V.I. Shynkaruk, Professors I.A. Bondarchuk, T.I. Jashhuk, A.M. Loj, V.O. Bosenko, G.I. Gorak, M.V. Duchenko, M.V. Zlotina, O.I. Kedrovskyi, V.M. Knyazev, Y.V. Osichnyuk, M.F. Tarasenko, O.I. Yatsenko, Associate Professors E. S. Zharikov, V.P. Kozlovskyi, V.M. Naidysh, M.E. Ovander, N.M. Spasenko, D.Y. Fesenko, V.F. Shevtsov and other specialists, famous both in Ukraine and far abroad.

Educational and scientific work on the Department in the second half of the XXth century was determined by the influence of the personality and ideas of academician P.V. Kopnin, who was the first in in Soviet philosophy who made the first steps to independent researches in the fields of ontology and epistemology. He developed and grounded the system of logic and epistemological principles of philosophy, correlated the logics of theoretical experience to principles of axiology, emphasizing the man as major problem of philosophy.

P.V. Kopnin gave birth to Kyiv School of philosophers, having founded in the 60-ies of the XXth century scientific field, it is logics of research. Under his guidance for the first time in philosophy problems of logics of research were developed, logic and methodological principles of modern science were analyzed, the attempt of dialectic and materialistic generalization of certain fields of specific knowledge was made, the logic functions of dialectic were investigated, the conception of coincidence of logics, dialectic and epistemology was traversed (“Dialectic as Logics and   Epistemology”. Moscow, 1973; “Dialectic, Logic, Science”. – Moscow, 1973). He made multidivisional typology of forms of mentality, forms of cognition and forms of arrangement of scientific knowledge, significant specification to the perception of species to ratio, theory to evidence-based correlation.  In reality, academician P.V. Kopnin rehabilitated the worldview as a means of philosophical generalization, he was among the first who declared about necessity of formation of an independent discipline in the structure of national philosophical researches, which he specified as “metaphilosophy”. He thought that philosophy itself as a whole sociocultural formation should become the subject of special theoretical analysis. He became the facilitator of All-Union symposiums on logics and methodology of science, developed methodological means of recreation of research as a special structured logic process.

The 70-ies of the past century in the history of the Department of dialectical and historical materialism (as the predecessor of present Department of Philosophy) first of all are connected with the names of its heads- Professors P.S. Dyshlevyi, M.V. Duchenko and O.Y. Lysenko.

Professor P.S. Dyshlevyi is a famous Ukrainian scientist in the field of philosophical problems of physics and natural history, the dean of Philosophical Faculty (1972-1976), in this period he was in charge of the Department of dialectical materialism, later he worked in Moscow in Russian University of People’s Friendship, and he was Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation. He was among the first who made detailed research in the field of issues related to scientific revolutions and scientific pictures of the world. He is the author of such monographs as “Materialist Dialectic and Material Relativism” (K., 1972), “Dialectical Materialism and Problems of Reality in Modern Physics” in joint authorship (K., 1974);

“Regulations of Creative Activity: Philosophical and Methodological Problems” (Voronezh, 1986).

The lecturers of the Department of dialectical materialism under the guidance of Professor M.V. Duchenko concentrated research concern on the problems of epistemology, dialectic as a theory of development, research of the worldview  content of categories and laws of  materialist dialectic, issues of logics and methodology of scientific experience. The range of scientific interests of Professor M.V. Duchenko constituted epistemology, dialectic of subject and object, interrelation of science and practice, methodological problems of social science. The results of the research of above mentioned problems, which were generalized by him in such works as “The Categories of Subject and Object in the Theory of Perception of Dialectical Materialism” (Kyiv, 1964); “The Problem of Object in  Marxist-Leninist  Epistemology” (Kyiv, 1970); “Perception and Ideology” (Kyiv, 1960); “Methodological Problems of Social Science” (Kyiv, 1980); “The Nature of Human Perception” (Kyiv, 1971); “Interrelation of Theory and Practice” (Moscow, 1981) draw attention with the fact, that consideration of mentioned aspects of philosophy was made not only in epistemological but also in a broad presentation of the active aspect of human existence, appropriate to Kyiv worldview and epistemological philosophical school, founded by P.V. Kopnin. He not only kept the traditions of this school but also creatively developed them in new circumstances.

The Department of historical materialism headed by Professor O.Y. Lysenko made significant steps to the new explanation of the importance of this ideological principle of social and historical process in Ukraine, which encouraged new perception of development processes of the national philosophy.

O.Y. Lysenko is the author of more than hundreds of scientific works on the issues of history, philosophy, culture and social philosophy. To creative adaption of the scientist belong the research of social and philosophical problems of scientific and technical revolution, interrelation of material and ideal in social development, dialectic of social processes social and philosophical problems of creative activity (“Sociological and Philosophical Problems of Scientific and Technical Revolution”. Kyiv, 1974; “Material and Spiritual in Social Development”. - Kyiv, 1986). Prepared in the spirit of their days, they differed by the aspiration to find the essence, philosophical conceptualization of the issues, set by life itself. He gave much consideration to the history of native philosophical thought, in particular to the analysis of sociological views of I.Y. Franko (“Sociological Views of I.Y. Franko”. – Kyiv, 1958). His doctorate thesis “The Problems of Social Progress in Philosophical and Political Thought of Ukraine in the Second Half of the XIXth Century”, where he introduced many new names, considers “populist” socialism to be the event of Ukrainian political philosophy, and the main thing is that it analyses creative adaptation of M. Dragomanov and marked de beginning of the rehabilitation of scientific name of the latter as an outstanding thinker and politician of Ukraine.

In 1988 the united Departmen of philosophy was headed by the dean of Philosophical Faculty (1985-1995) Professor M.F. Tarasenko, one of the youngest representatives of worldview and epistemological philosophical school, founded by P.V. Kopnin. In this period exactly the main field of concern of the Department’s activity was the teaching of fundamental disciplines on theoretic and practice philosophy on the subfaculties of Philosophical Faculty. In the 90-ies of the XXth century Philosophical Faculty was filled with the spirit of reforms and revolutionary changes. The whole system of educational subjects was revised on the Department of Philosophy headed by M.F. Tarasenko. The results of complex analysis of the modern professional education in the field of philosophy, religion studies and political science were taken as a basis of educational and scientific work of the Faculty.

More than 50 scientific works, devoted to the research of problems connected with worldview specificity of interrelation of technology and culture belong to M.F. Tarasenko. He offered and carried out original approach to the analysis of social and cultural foundation of technology, which as contrasted with available formational, substrate and structural-functional consisted in discovery of intersubjective content of industrial technology through specificity of social forms of practice and subject-objectivity.

The harmonization of human and nature relations as socially created relations M.F. Tarasenko saw in the substitution of technologies, which are build according to the forms of movement of matter, by the technologies, built on the dialectic of teamwork of humanity (“Philosophical Aspects of Human-Nature Relations”. – Kyiv, 1975; “Nature, Technology, Culture: Philosophical and Worldview Analysis”.- Kyiv, 1985).

Professor A.M. Loy has been heading the Department since 1995. At his initiative the conception of professional philosophical training was developed and introduced to the practice of teaching by means of standard and special courses: philosophical propaedeutic, epistemology, philosophy of law, phenomenology, philosophical hermeneutics, philosophy of humanities knowledge, social philosophy, philosophy of history, philosophy of culture, etc.

For this period a great deal of courses on modern philosophical subjects was prepared, in particular the lecturers of the Department developed   the newest courses and special courses: “Philosophy of State”, “Philosophical Theology”, “Theory of Social Systems” , “Structuralism and Post- Structuralism “,

“Modern social and philosophical Discourse”, “Dialectic and Metaphysics”, “Experience and Self-consciousness”, “Pragmatism in Modern Philosophy”, “Philosophical Communication Theory”, “Scholasticism in Modern Philosophy”, “Phenomenology in Modern Perception” and others.

Supporting the educational process academic-teaching staff of the Department prepared and edited work books, which are among the first in their fields of knowledge, in particular: Professor T.I. Yashchuk – “Philosophy of History”, (Kyiv, 2004), Associate Professor S.M. Gatalska – “Philosophy of Culture” (Kyiv, 2005), Associate Professor V.I. Kebuladze “Phenomenology” (Kyiv, 2005), Associate Professor A.L. Bogachov “Philosophical Hermeneutics” (Kyiv, 2006), Associate Professor A.O. Baumeister – “Philosophy of Law” (Kyiv, 2007).

Scientific laboratory of German language philosophy works on the basis of the Department. The result of this work is translation of philosophical texts, in particular: E. Koret, “The Foundations of Metaphysics” (Kyiv, 1998), R. Zippelius, “Philosophy of Law”, (Kyiv, 2000); “Classics of Political Thought” (Kyiv, 2002); P. Sloterdike, “Critics of Cynical Mind” (Kyiv, 2002); “Classics of Philosophical Language” (Kyiv, 2009); G. Radbruch, “Philosophy of Law” (Kyiv, 2009); T. Rench, “Constitution of Morality” (Kyiv, 2010); ``E. Gusserl, “Experience and Estimation” (Kyiv, 2011); N. Luman “The Notion of Goal and System Rationality: As to Functions of Goals in Social Systems” (Kyiv, 2011) and others.

The Department arranges the specialists’ training on three specialties: ontology, phenomenology, epistemology; philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture; social philosophy and philosophy of history. Under the guidance of Professors and Associate Professors of the Department more than 60 doctorate and candidate theses were prepared and defended.

In 1997-1998 the head of the Department A.M. Loy took charge of Ukrainian branch of Kant society and lecturers of the Department were the initiators of Ukrainian phenomenological society formation. Scientific relations with many national branches of both Kant and phenomenological international society were established due to it. The result of this unification was the arrangement of international conferences and seminars, invitation of leading scientists to participation in them, exchange of publications, etc. The Department  supports active communication with colleagues from the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Ludwig Maximillian (Munich), the University of Konstanz, Free University of Berlin, where lecturers if the Department served their internship.  

Following scientists worked at the Theoretical and practical philosophy Department in different periods of history:

Academician of Academy of Sciences of Ukrainian SSR, corresponding member of  Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor P.V. Kopnin;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor I.A. Bondarchuk;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor V.O. Bosenko;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor G.I. Gorak;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor M.V.Duchenko;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor M.L. Zlotina;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor O.I. Kedrovskyi;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor V.M. Knyazev;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor O.Y. Lysenko;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor Y.V.Osichuk;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor M.F. Tarasenko;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor O.I. Yatsenko;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor S.M. Hatalska;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor E.S. Zharikov;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor V.P.Kozlovskyi;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor V.M. Naidysh;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor M.E. Ovander;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor N.M. Spasenko;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor D.Y. Fesenko;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor V.F.Shevtsov.


Nowadays following scientists work on the Theoretical and practical philosophy Department:

Department Chairman, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor Lyudmyla Shashkova;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor A.O. Baumeister;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor A.L. Bogachov;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor M.I. Boychenko;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor V.I. Kebuladze;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor S.V. Proleev;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor А.V. Laktionova;

Candidate of Philosophicalal Sciences, Associate Professor V.O. Demyanov;

Candidate of Philosophicalal Sciences, Associate Professor V.V. Prikhodko;

Candidate of Philosophicalal Sciences, Associate Professor V.L. Yakubina;

Candidate of Philosophicalal Sciences, Associate Professor Y.O. Malyshena;

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room: 233