Department of religious studies

Religious Studies have a long-standing tradition at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Theological and religious studieswere founded by such well-known scholars as N.Favorov, M.Posnov, M.Bogolyubov and I.Ogienko during the 19-th and 1-st half of the 20-th centuries.

The Department of the History and Theory of Atheism, one of the first in the former Soviet Union, was founded as a part of the Philosophical Faculty in 1959. With the changes following the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was renamed the Department of Religious Studies in 1991. Its first Chairman (from 1959 till 1987) was Doctor of Science, Professor V.Tancher, author of more than 370 printed works. He developed an original concept and program for the course of scientific atheism according to the Marxist understanding of religion and created a classification of neo-religions. Professor Tancher, Dean of the Philosophical Faculty, taught a whole generation of Ukrainian scholars of religion. His scholarly and pedagogical achievements were recognized by an honorary title of Distinguished Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine. During the first years of its existence the Department was a place where Associate Professors R.Prykhodko and P.Stepanov, and Senior Lecturers V.Bychatin and V.Lebid worked.

In 1965-1987 the following were on the faculty of the Department: Prof. V.Tancher as Chair, Associate Professors I.Brazhnik, V.Bychatin, R.Prykhodko, Y.Kalinin, K.Kychko,  V.Lubsky, O.Ogneva, V.Suyarko and G.Yarmysh, Senior Lecturer L.Filipovich, and Assistant Professors V.Kozlenko, and O.Spyrydonenko.

                                 V. Tancher

From 1987 to 1996 the Department was headed by Doctor of Sciences, Professor Y.Kalinin, author of more than 200 works, including the first Ukrainian textbook of religious studies (co-authored with Y.Kharkovschenko, — Kyiv, Naukova Dumka, 1994) as well as the  monographs “Modernism of Contemporary Orthodox Christianity” (Kyiv, 1989) and “Philosophical Apology of Orthodox Christianity” (Kyiv, 1993). Through his scholarship, Professor Kalinin established a tradition of professional study of theology, philosophy of religion, religious philosophy. 

                                                   Y. Kalinin

During the 1990’s the following specialists in religious studies worked at the Department: Doctors of Sciences and Professors Y.Kalinin, V.Lubsky, L.Konotop, Candidates of Philosophical Sciences, Assistant Professors V.Kozlenko, I.Kondratyeva, O.Ogneva, O.Predko, O.Sarapin, G.Sereda, V.Suyarko, N.Chukhym, G.Yarmysh, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences Z.Pavlun, Asistant Professor O.Spyrydonenko.

From 1996 to l 2013 the Department was chaired by V.Lubsky, Doctor of Sciences, Professor and Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Higher Education. He is the author of 270 works, a researcher of religious aspects of the problems of war and peace; and the problems of relations between religion and law. He created the first Ukrainian scientific school of Islamic studies and Muslim law, which has printed works, study tutorials and dissertations. In 2008 Professor V.Lubsky was awarded with a 3rd Degree of the Order of Merit for his long-lasting and active scholarly and pedagogical work.

During this period, the following faculty worked at the Department: Doctors of Sciences, Professors V.Lubsky, L.Konotop, A.Kolodny, T.Gorbachenko, L.Filipovych, O.Predko, Candidates of Philosophical Sciences, Assistant Professors V.Kozlenko, I.Kondratyeva, O.Ogneva, O.Sarapin, G.Sereda, G.Smyrnova, V.Suyarko, N.Fatyushyna, and Assistant O.Kulakevych.

Since 2013 Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine Y.Kharkovschenkohas been the Chairof the Department. He is an author of more than 140 scientific and methodological publications (including 3 monographs, 7 textbooks, chapters in collective monographs, the master textbook "Religion Sciences"). He received the honorary title “Excellence in Education of Ukraine” (2003). His professional interests include: sophiology, Ukrainian Orthodoxy, genealogical church archives. For a considerable time he worked in central government (humanitarian issues). Y.Kharkovschenko was awarded the medal "For Merits" of III Degree (2004), as well as numerous honorary diplomas from the Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council or Parliament) and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Today the Department includes 6 Doctors of Science (Y.Kharkovschenko, I.Kondratyeva, L.Konotop, V.Lubsky, O.Predko, Z.Shwed) and 8 Candidates of Science (V.Kozlenko, I.Leshchenko, O.Pasichnyk, E.Piletsky, O.Sarapin, G.Sereda, I.Fenno, I.Shavrina).

In 1998 on the basis of the Department, the Section of Religious Studies was created. All faculty members faced an important task — to support the learning process with relevant disciplines and courses. Departmental staff worked hard to prepare of curricula, and developmore than 50 regulatory programs as well as regular and special courses including "Orthodoxy in Ukraine" (Professor Y.Kharkovschenko), "Canon Law" (Professor V.Lubsky) , "History of Writing and Scriptures" (Professor T.Gorbachenko), "History of Slavic and Russian Religious Philosophy" (Professor L.Konotop), "Phenomenology of Religion" and "Philosophy of Religion " (Associate Professor O.Sarapin), "Religious Ethics and Axiology", "Theology of the Icon" (Associate Professor I.Kondratyeva), "Sociology of Religion" (Associate Professor G.Sereda) , "Psychology of Religion" (Professor. O.Predko), "Geography of Religion" (Associate Professor V.Kozlenko), "Theory and History of Religious Art" (Associate Professor I.Leshchenko), "Methodology of Philosophical and Religious Education" (Associate Professor Z.Shwed).

The religious studies of the Department are presented not only as one of the areas of human knowledge, but also as confessional and practical religious research, for example, “Religion and the Problem of War and Peace” (Professor V.Lubsky), “Religion and Written Culture” (Professor T.Gorbachenko), “The Problem of Human Subjectivity in Philosophy and Religion” (Professor L.Konotop), and “Sophiology of Kievan Christianity” (Professor Y.Kharkovschenko).

The Department actively prepares doctoral and postgraduate students. There is also a Specialized Scientific Council for the defense of doctoral dissertations (specialties: 09.00.11 — Religious Studies and 09.00.12 — Ukrainian Studies).

In recent years the Department of Religious Studies has produced more than 120 scholarly publications, textbooks, and educational works. Among these are the monographs: "Sophiology of Kievan Christianity" (Kharkovschenko Y.), "Muslim Matrimonial Law: Religious and Legal Context" (Lubsky V., Gorbachenko T., Lubska M.), "Freedom as a Philosophical and Religious problem" (Konotop L.G., Shwed Z.V.), "Russian Tradition of Philosophical Thought: Mystic Trends in Art (XIX— XX centuries)" (Konotop L., Leshenko I.), "Freedom as a Human Value in Philosophy and Religion" (Konotop L., Shwed Z.); sections in collective monographs: "The Genesis of Philosophical Studies at the University of Kiev" (Lubsky V., Gorbachenko T.), "Disciplinary Religion Studies" (Sarapin O.), "Philosophy and Politics within the Structure of Modern Social and Human Studies" (Lubsky V., Gorbachenko T.); textbooks: "Religious Studies" (Kharkovschenko Y.), "Religious Studies" (three editions by Lubsky V., Lubska M., Teremko V.), "Psychology of Religion" (Predko O.), "Theoretical and Methodological Problems of Religion" ( Konotop L.), "History of Religions" (three editions by Lubsky V., Lubska M.), "Religious Studies" (Lubsky V., Gorbachenko T., Lubska M., Yakovenko A.), tutorials: "Russian Philosophy and its Anthropological Dimension" (Konotop L., Protsenko E., Shwed Z.), "Sociology of Religion" (Sereda G.), "Principles and Methodology of Scientific Research" (Lubsky V., Gorbachenko T., Kondratyeva I.), "Canon Law" (Lubsky V., Gorbachenko T., Kozlenko V., Lubska M.), "Islamic Philosophy and Theology" (Lubsky V., Gorbachenko T., Kozlenko V.) and others.

The Department cooperates actively with specialists in religious studies from Russia, Belarus, Poland, France, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States of America. It maintains close relations with research centers and leading educational institutions in Ukraine, theological circles, and collaborates with the Department of Religious Studies of the Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian Association of Scholars in Religious Studies.

Many well-known scholars have collaborated with the DepartmentReligious Studies and the Faculty of Philosophy, among them are: Academician of NAS of Ukraine O.Onishchenko, Doctors of Science, Professors E.Duluman, A.Kolodny, V.Zots, B.Lobovyk, P.Kosukha, A.Gerasymchuk, L.Filipovych, V.Bondarenko, V.Yelensky, O.Sagan, P.Saukh, A.Hlushak, O.Shuba, L.Vyhovsky, O.Marchenko, P.Kralyuk, O.Utkin, I.Mozgovy, M.Stadnyk, I.Bohachevska, V.Dokash, G.Lozko, M.Rybachuk, I.Vasilyeva, I.Lomachinska, M.Lubska, P.Yamchuk.

Department of Religious Studies faculty:

Chairman, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor Y.Kharkovschenko;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor L.Konotop;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor V.Lubsky;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor O.Predko;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor I.Kondratyeva;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor Z.Shwed;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor V. Kozlenko;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor O.Sarapin;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor H.Sereda;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor I.Shavrina;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Assistant Professor O.Pasechnyk;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Assistant Professor I.Piletsky;

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Assistant Professor I.Fenno.

Guest Professors:

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor T.Gorbachenko ;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor V.Yelensky;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor O.Marchenko;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor L.Filipovych;

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor P.Yarotsky.


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