Department of state governance

An integral component of sustainable national development of Ukraine is the establishment and operation of effective public administration system, which aims to introduce a new ideology of functioning of executive power and local self-government, ensure rights and freedoms of citizens, provide quality public and civil services. Successful implementation of individual tasks of the state and social development of Ukraine is heavily dependent on the development of educational and scientific system of training and retraining of administrative staff at all levels, development and implementation of scientific and information support of the public administration system, formation of various mechanisms of scientific and information monitoring of its operation.

Given the high demand of domestic public administration system for highly skilled personnel, in 2011 the Philosophical Faculty began teaching specialists of Master degree in the direction "Civil Service" on the full-time and extramural basis, as well as on the second higher education basis.

To provide training in civil service, as well as teaching standard and specialized courses in public administration for the students of the Philosophical Faculty and students of the University on March 14, 2011 State Governance Department was established at the Philosophical Faculty.

The primary objectives of the department include the development and implementation of new standard and special courses in the educational process: "Organizational and Legal Principles of Civil Service in Ukraine", "Information Systems in Public Administration", "Territorial Organization of Power in Ukraine", "Political Aspects of the Civil Service" "Document Management in Civil Service", "Basic Tools of Society Democratization" etc.

The Department started research in the field of philosophy of public administration, principles of public administration reform in Ukraine, theory and history of public administration, optimization of civil service functions and mechanisms in Ukraine, civil service culture, etiquette of civil servant etc. In addition, the department began training of Candidates and Doctors of Science in Public Administration, for which purpose the Faculty started admission to postgraduate and doctorate studies in public administration in three academic majors:

25.00.01 – Theory and History of State Governance,

25.00.02 – Mechanisms of State Governance,

25.00.03 – Civil Service.

State Governance Department is working closely with the National Academy of Public Administration of Ukraine, National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service and the Center for Adaptation of Civil Service to the European Union standards. Faculty staff participate in the preparation of proposals for forming state policy in public administration’ carry out scientific, expert and methodological preparation and implementation of programs and activities in this area; provide consulting and methodological assistance to implement the commitments made by Ukraine to the EU and international organizations, provide advisory support to government agencies and local governments for the dissemination of legal, scientific and other information on the basic principles and mechanisms of public administration reform in Ukraine, adaptation of civil service to EU standards.

Issues of Public Administration at the Department are investigated by Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor M.A. Shulha, who is the author of research on theory of administration and geopolitics. Professor M.A. Shulha is the sole author of two monographs, four textbooks, six manuals, methodological developments and over seventy scientific publications ("Socio-Political Governance: Textbook for Higher Educational Establishments Students", "Politology: Textbook" etc.).

Acting Department Chairman, Candidate of Political Science, Associate Professor D.V.Nelipa has a large number of scientific publications dedicated to problems of public administration, is the author of a textbook and methodological complex on discipline "Organizational and Legal Principles of Civil Service in Ukraine" and co-author of complex "Information Systems in Public Administration" for the students of Master Degree majoring in "Civil Service", takes part in various seminars and round tables on the problems of civil service reform in Ukraine, is the expert in lawmaking activities in public administration.

Candidate of Political Science, Associate Professor N.V. Likarchuk developed following research areas: political marketing, political communications, political analysis and forecasting, political consulting and political modeling. He is the author of over twenty-five scientific and methodological works ("Political Analytics and Political Forecast: Manual", "Political Analysis and Forecasting: Tutorial", "Political Marketing: Tutorial ", "Political Communication: Tutorial").

The Department involves in the teaching process leading experts in public administration, namely: Candidate of State Governance Sciences, Associate Professor М.V.Kanavets, who is the director of the Center for Adaptation of Civil Service to the European Union Standards. The main objectives of the center is to strengthen the institutional reforms in the public sector, primarily administrative, civil service reform, reform of personnel management in the public sector through the adaptation of the civil service in Ukraine to EU standards, improving the use of the European Union institutional instruments Twinning, TAIEX i SIGMA in Ukraine, enhancing the qualifications of civil servants, improving the work on public awareness raising on European integration, enhancing quality and expanding the range of research and practical developments aimed at improving civil service and public administration.

The herald of Taras Shevchenko national university of Kyiv. State Governance article requirements:

At present, the State Governance Department employs


Department Chairman, Doctor of Political Science, Associate Professor D.V.Nelipa,

Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor М.А. Shulha,

Candidate of State Governance Sciences, Associate Professor М.V.Kanavets,

Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor N.V.Likarchuk,

Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor О.А.Zubchyk,

Candidate of Political Sciences, Assistant Professor А.V.Mamchur,

Candidate of Political Sciences, Assistant Professor N.А.Sidanich.